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Sambutan H Irwan Bachtiar Rachmat SE, M.SI

Baratha Hotel & Resto

Economy hotel for business and leisure

“Thank you for choosing to stay with Baratha Hotel & Coffee. We hope you will be able to discover what Baratha has to offer during your adventure in Bondowoso. Look forward to it!”

Tanda tangan  H Irwan Bachtiar Rachmat SE, M.SI

Our Story

Story of Baratha Hotel & Resto

We are present in the midst of the public's need for hotels with maximum service with affordable prices in Bondowoso. With our interior atmosphere that is different from the others, we bring you comfort and serenity in resting at our property.

Our Value

Best service, best athmosphere, and also best food and coffee for a great value while staying in Bondowoso
Best Service

We are committed to providing the best service for you with the friendliness of our staff and the cleanliness of the property that we always maintain properly.

Best Athmosphere

With a natural atmosphere, we bring serenity and peace during your stay at our property. we present a different experience for you while in Bondowoso.

Best Food and Coffee

We present a wealth of natural resources in Bondowoso on your plates and coffee cups. Our food ingredients come from local farmers and the coffee we serve comes from the mountains of Ijen and Argopuro, so that it produces a perfect taste.

What They Say

What they say about us