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Hotel & Resto

Our beautiful venue is the comfort space for your private event and has already been host to some of the most stunning & fun event on the corner Bondowoso

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Welcome To Baratha
Sambutan H Irwan Bachtiar Rachmat SE, M.SI

Baratha Hotel & Resto

Luxury Boutique Hotel With Afordable Price

“Thank you for choosing to stay with Baratha Hotel & Coffee. We hope you will be able to discover what Baratha has to offer during your adventure in Bondowoso. Look forward to it!”

Tanda tangan  H Irwan Bachtiar Rachmat SE, M.SI

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Baratha Hotel & Resto

Saliwiryo Pranowo, Gg Taman - Bondowoso

We at Baratha Coffee believe in highlighting the freshness of our ingredients through simple plates that allow each flavor to shine. We stick to basics when it comes to preparing our food, using classic and modern recipes.

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4.6/5 Google review
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